Mail On Sunday Does It Again!

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Arrods | 08:02 Sun 26th Apr 2020 | Crosswords
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Another error. 20 across clue is the answer to 19 across. The answer to 20A is "Love Affair" but the clue is "Stolid"!

Bizarrely, when you enter "Stolid" in the Danword crossword helper, you get "Love Affair"!


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It is the correct answer bizarre as it seems.Think someone at the Mail has had one too many.
Well then the error is with Danword and NOT You magazine. (Irish)
I completed this crossword and posted it yesterday, (have
photocopy and todays You (English) today both the same.
Thank you to my friends here who helped me.
Question Author
Just noticed Danny that the printed version gives the correct clue.

But still don't understand why Danword provides the correct answer when you type in "Stolid". Perhaps Danword is the MoS online crossword bloke!
Stolid is the answer to 19a Unemotional.
Have never done the online version,
How does one go into that? please
Question Author
You get the hard copy MoS on Saturday poorclare?

The online version is definitely incorrect.
Question Author
You have to subscribe to the online version of the newspaper. It works out cheaper than the hard copy but you may not be able to enter all the competitions (though not entirely sure of that).
Yes, I live in Northern Ireland and get the Irish Mail on Saturday
and that includes the You magazine, on Sundays Irish Mail
there is a different magazine with Radio/TV listings.
Prize in the Irish version is now a dictionary ~ and I need that
like a library needs a book.
Good luck

Question Author
There's a first prize of £250 and five prizes of £50 for the runners up. You could buy a lot of dictionaries with that money Clare!

With the hard copy you can post your answers but they probably get a lot of income from people 'phoning/texting their answers.

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Mail On Sunday Does It Again!

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