Guardian 28105 = Last Two

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JJ109 | 07:15 Sat 11th Apr 2020 | Crosswords
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Although this is a themed crossword the two that I am stuck on are straight clues and there is no need to worry about the theme!

62d Emperor ran away from Italian city (4) _ T _ O
I assume this is Emperor OTTO but the rest....?

8d Way to upset a bullock (4) S _ O _

Also for 3d is a cou a type of fish?

Many thanks


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st ot
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Just got 8d = STOT (castrated bullock) = St(reet) + to reversed
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Thanks FF - you just beat me!
Italian province of Tortona minus RAN? And an anagram then ?
sorry commune and once city I think in Alexandria
62d otranto mnus ran
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Excellent, many thanks both FF and Ael
Cou is half of couple = 2
Question Author
Of course it is, thanks!
Ran out of Otranto = Otto.
Cou is half of two (couple). Gar is a fish

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Guardian 28105 = Last Two

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