Listener 4602 - Ahead Of The Game By Apt

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Philoctetes | 21:43 Fri 10th Apr 2020 | Crosswords
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Another Friday-nighter, but by no means easy. Some nice cluing and a clever treatment of a popular trope.
Happy Easter, everyone - stay safe


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That was very jolly - and the end result was quite a decent realisation of the theme.

Thanks Apt - and wishes for a safe and happy weekend to all Listener addicts.
A quick grid fill, then much longer to find the hidden words, unravel the phrases and spot the theme. My drawing is about as competent as that of a certain person who considers her unmade bed to be art! Lovely puzzle with a satisfying denouement.

A happy Easter to all, as far as is possible in these dire circumstances.
I thought thiis was a superb puzzle. The theme was well thought through and the clues, though largely easy to solve, were beautifully constructed. Here is a setter who takes the trouble to think up interesting bits of wordplay or ingenious definitions rather than plumping for the obvious. I often feel a touch short-changed with Listeners that are on the easy side, but this was as rewarding as many tougher puzzles.
Yes, Scorpius - I just had a look back at the puzzle whilst explaining the concept to a non-Listener friend, and was struck by the elegance of some of the clues - very good indeed.
An excellent puzzle with, as has been said, some terrific and inventive clues. I fear clashes, and always end up with three-quarters of the grid filled and few found, however, I really enjoyed solving this. It took me longer than it should have done to figure the endgame, but that isn’t exactly unusual. Wonderful thanks, Apt.

Just completing four weeks of shut down here in Spain, and would really like to be let out for a bit of a walk but otherwise fine. Just as well as I expect there are a few more weeks to go yet for my age group.

Stay safe all.
Great fun. I particularly enjoyed 24d.
Yes, great fun and well constructed. We toiled a bit over the essentially cold solving of the last three or four clues.
Despite the daunting preamble the clues were well constructed and the end result was very pleasing.

Thanks, Apt.
A decent puzzle with an end result I'd never encountered before.

I think we're probably due for a stinker soon -- hope so.

Thanks to Apt.

I hope everyone is keeping well and not going too stir-crazy.
So I and my co-solvers are in an argument. The instructions state "draw a path through these 12 cells ... in order".

Following the instructions precisely means leaving the path open. But representational considerations lead me to want to close the path, and to connect to the twelfth point back to the first.

I hate when I don't know what the setter wants.
Most of the line drawn representations I've seen of this leave the path unclosed - but I'd be cross if I got marked wrong for closing it.
Couldn't get the supplements! Anyone here able to email me the puzzle? bo21realis at gmail dot com
Thanks, readers - have one now!

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Listener 4602 - Ahead Of The Game By Apt

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