Sunday Express Skeleton 23 Feb 1 Down Ia It Fireflames

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Skeletony | 19:50 Mon 24th Feb 2020 | Crosswords
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If 1 down is FIREFLAMES I am not quite sure why


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... and without the clue we're definitely not sure!!
That was 8d sorry
I recall either fireside or fireplace but neither matches your count (fireplaces would though). Please remind us of the clue
Don't think I saw 1d asked all day on Sunday.
Someone asked this on Sunday (also without a clue) and it was given as FIREPLACE
^ which was 8d as Mamyalynne said.
Did you mean 8d rather than 1d?
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Sorry I was asking from memory without the crossword in front of me. It was 8 down I meant and I think it was fireplace. This means I now need 25 actoss
and that clue is?
25 Across - Crumbs put on small garments (7)

Hope that helped.

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Sunday Express Skeleton 23 Feb 1 Down Ia It Fireflames

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