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highbury57 | 10:42 Fri 14th Feb 2020 | Crosswords
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Top left corner holding me up. 1a Subject of antisemitism, bigotry enfin about which Freud’s confused(7)**e*t*s
1d 10 mostly returning in representation of mad old Greek character (7)


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1 Dreyfus anag (bigotr)y Freud's
Does the answer to 10 have any relevance,
Question Author
Will need to give 3d another think. Thought it was an anagram of see right therefore giving Thesiger who was a jurist of 19th century. Thanks for Dreyfus!
Question Author
Sorry. 10 is Magic.
1d omicron is anagram of moronic?
Question Author
Omicron would invalidate Dreyfus. 1d begins with D from Dreyfus
Digamma, anag mad + magi(c) reversed.

Digamma, waw, or wau (uppercase: Ϝ, lowercase: ϝ, numeral: ϛ) is an archaic letterof the Greek alphabet.
1d Digamma - anagram of MAGI(c) + MAD
What is the clue for 3d?
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Thanks. The corner advances. Rest of grid straightforward.
Question Author
3d See right into criminal’s spellbinding character(8)
Have you any more letters placed?
It's Florence.
I've just had the Eureka moment: 10&13 is the key...
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Florence! All the other Magic Roundabout characters are in the grid. Thanks .

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