Stuck On 10A In Guardian Genius 200

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OLDWOLFIE | 00:13 Sat 08th Feb 2020 | Crosswords
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Struggling with 10A: start from an anagram (indicated by `awkward') of `and' or of `earl'? (The clue is `...and awkward earl has another one (4)'; the special instructions are that no definition is given, and you need to remove a compass point before insertion. The previous clue is `Even awful queen has son ... (5)---I have solved this one.)


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anagram of EARL + I(one) -E(ast) compass point?
probably not - I think I misconstrued the instructions.
For what it's worth, I agree with your answer, Captain!
Letters placed may help...
The second letter is an A
Because of this Liar and lair don't fit with captain's parsing

If S = son (another one from the previous clue)
Then an anagram of Earl + S would give LARES (and pennants)
Remove the S gives Lare (but I don't think that is a word)
Remove the E gives Lars (this is a word but dialectic)

The answer to 2d would help
This is a straight clue no manipulation
"What helps bowler's hit their mark" (4). I don't have any letters in!
The last letter of 2d is the last letter of 10a. I have a provisional answer for 2d but I am not 100% with it, so I am not going to give it and put you off!

I parsed it as DAN (and awkward) + E(arl) + S(on) -> DANE.
But I don't think that is right. Adding a S with one bit of the wordplay then removing it with the theme doesn't feel like fair play to me. But then, most of this crossword didn't feel like fair play to me, so that reasoning is suspect too.
Question Author
Sorry Shoota; I should have said. Looks like it is `-a-s'. I've come up with two ideas---one associated with martial arts (after removing `E') and one a man's name (also after removing `E').
Question Author
Ah, Jj109 and Slhr have given the two ideas I had (but am not sure about). 2D is `-i-s' according to me, and my solution uses `hit' as an anagrind---I'm not too confident about this one either!
The answer that I was thinking of for 2d was BIAS, thinking of lawn bowls, but the only reason I thought of this was because I thought 10a may be lars (which in addition to a man's name) is also a dialectic word for lads, boys etc.

I am not confident of either!

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Stuck On 10A In Guardian Genius 200

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