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saladdodger | 17:12 Sun 26th Jan 2020 | Crosswords
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help please... i have everything but the centre letter....can't see what it is or why???


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or is that the clue, sorry if so.
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sorry there isn't a clue .....the centre cell is blank and after completing everything i am supposed to know what letter to put in it ....
emmie, we're all expected to be mind readers.
BB, obviously..
Is it not referred to in the instructions?
perimeter cells, reading clockwise from top left, spell out (with
reference to one unclued answer) what must be entered in the
central cell. Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended;
I copied that from the instructions.
Give us a link so that we can see the puzzle.
dannyk13, thanks for the link. Very informative.
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poosibly a J then
Unless you have the crossword and the rather unusual grid in front of you it will be impossible to give saladdodger the slightest of hints!

I do, and even then have only just twigged that the message around the perimeter cells, which consist of letters removed from answers within the main section of the grid is a biblical reference!

The three shaded cells confirm the source.
You need to go to the text (chapter and verse is given by the perimeter dropped letters) and take first part of the instruction literally - luckily, it's a very short text.
...sorry, saladdodger - I've just spotted your later comment (I've given a hint for something you already know!).
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Thanks all for your attention. Checked the text now and i was on the right lines after all!
Letters in two of the shaded cells provide a hint on what the center cell could be. Three letters indicate what Version of the Bible is used.

4d shaded letter, Center cell, 35a shaded letter.
At least that's how I confirmed my guess.

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Ev 1419

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