Dt 29,228 Can't Parse Last Clue.

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jourdain2 | 15:06 Sun 08th Dec 2019 | Crosswords
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Hi all, once again I'm stuck on one.
22D A university occasionally copied, held up as sound. A-E-O

Is it 'APERO', which is an anagram of opera? If so, can someone tell me why, please? TIA


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A u dio
Audio - 'a u(ni)' + 'cOpIeD' (occasionally, up)

A u (university) and alternate letters in copied reversed
Audio -A U 9a univversity) + (c)o(p)i(e)d reversed
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Thank you all so very much. I'd considered Audio and was trying alternate letters, but didn't think to shorten university to uni., so gave that one up. Grrrrr.
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That means that 24A is wrong. I had 'intense'. 'Den' must come into it somewhere. Help!
into(obsesse) + den (study) reversed
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Thank you very much Danny. I was just coming around to that - but without much confidence. :)

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Dt 29,228 Can't Parse Last Clue.

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