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dollymay | 19:00 Sun 17th Nov 2019 | Crosswords
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I have completed this, but don't understand some answers: 7a 'Christmas in an English infirmary, (4)' which is GOSH, (Great Ormond St Hospital) but why Christmas?? Also 17a:'Trot supporting labour', which is CHILDBEARING, why does Trot mean child? And 23a: 'Lag back at 1 am, after consuming drink endlessly (8), answer INSULATE. Would be grateful for some explanations please - have only recently started doing the Times crosswords at the weekends and find them hard!


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7a "Christmas!" is an exclamation like "Gosh!"

17a - Def 8

23a Insulate - 'in late' (consuming) 'su(p)' (drink, endlessly)
SU(pping) in IN LATE (1 am)?
yes- I agree- it's su(p) for drink not su(pping) for consuming drink
23a insulate
lag = to insulate pipes
back = in
at 1 a.m. = late
after consuming drink endlessly = su(ping)
I think LiK has it - the 'consuming' bit just tells us the SU consumes(ie (is between) IN and LATE
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Thanks everyone!

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