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Maxymax464 | 16:31 Thu 14th Nov 2019 | Crosswords
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This is a charity quiz and I am reluctant to seek help but there is one clue which seems to have multiple answers. The subject is "Long Arm of the Law" and the clue is "Incentive for shopping......... (6)" The dots at the end might be significant because the next clue is " ....... but during haggles the gentleman returned for the silks (10)" The answer to the last one is barristers and the possible answers for the first one include reward,pardon,points and bounty. I can't decide which is the best one which is why I am wondering if the dots are significant.Many thanks.


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I think it'll be "shopping" as informing...
Incentive for shopping - reward.
If you "shop" someone there is sometimes a reward.
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Yes I am sure the shopping does relate to informing but points would also fit i.e both as an incentive and points on your licence. Also pardon would surely fit also as if you informed on someone your sentence might be overturned. Still struggling!
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Any more thoughts about the dots?
To my mind, the ellipsis (...) is irrelevant.

From your list, I chose "reward" & hinted to that - cashier seems to agree. The other explanations feel a bit strained to me, sorry.
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Everybody has gone quiet!!
This has been debated previously and the consensus is that the answer is 'reward' for reasons stated
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Thanks Lie - in King you are nearly always right if not always so I will almost certainly choose that option. But my doubt is that if the ellipsis is irrelevant why are they there?
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Thanks elliemay1 I hadn't picked up that this clue had previously been debated. This quiz is always absolutely brilliant and it is unusual for the compilers to set a clue where so may answers are feasible. Still not totally happy because of the ellipsis in both clues.
Maxy, if you put the clue into the Question box (top right) you'll get previous threads on this qn
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Thank you elliemay1. I am leaning towards points now! I just think points on your licence and loyalty points when shopping covers all eventualities. Everybody will think that shopping means telling tales but maybe the compiler wants everyone to think that.
I have put 'reward' so it'll be interesting to see what the correct answer is!
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Well I hope one of us is right elliema1 and the answer isn't pardon or bounty or one of the other suggestions. It is such a brilliant quiz as I said earlier and so disappointing to have a clue with so many possible answers unless of course we are all missing something and the ellipsis is relevant!
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Oh dear yet another possibility mallyh !!
I rarely comment on the quiz, which I agree is one of the best - however I too have gone with the majority here and I also think you are putting too much emphasis on the ellipsis.

Good luck.
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So good to hear from you Mamyalynne and rather like Lie-in King you are always right so maybe I will bow to your suggestion! I have never really understood the ellipsis in crosswords because most of the time the two clues don't seem to bear any resemblance to each other.But with this quiz I just wonder if they are significant. Shame we will have to wait so long!

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