Spectator Crossword 2433

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cobham | 16:17 Tue 12th Nov 2019 | Crosswords
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28D "Bloke reduced woman as Heep did" (6). I have O?L?L?O and guess I have gone astray. Also 25D remains unsolved I have ?AC?N? . I give my thanks for hints here because I have yet to discover how to send a thankyou on this site.


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28 Oilily

oi(k) Lily
Sorry I see you wanted only hints.
To respond or thank simply use the 'your answer' box.
Could you post the clue for 25d please.
Captain, 25 D is
Drudge retaining European accents (6)

PS I have the answer but the OP says 'hints'.
I know - I do wish they'd put that at the top of the question and not in the middle.
Thanks NaC - bit tricky to hint at.
I agree, Mamya - and I've overlooked the 'hints' bit on occasions. I mentioned it again just as a reminder.
Well, at least change 'N' to 'K' in 25d and have another think.
You've posted thankyous before by way of a reply to your own question, cobham- e.g.
See if that method still works
I don't understand this 'hints' business. Does the OP want to solve the puzzle or not? How can 'hints' help?
Question Author
I have seen how to send thanks. I am especially grateful for speedy responses and the apparently constant watch kept on each thread. I'll take the difference between "hint" and "help" aboard and hope to be more polite and careful henceforth. Thanks too for everyone's patience with a slow learner.
Thanks, Cobham. I don't know about other ABers, but I feel guilty if I rush in with an answer and only then notice that the poster mentioned 'hints'. If the original query says 'help', I think giving the solution is fine.
I agree with NaC ^^^

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Spectator Crossword 2433

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