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susanwilton | 16:37 Tue 15th Oct 2019 | Crosswords
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17a) Agreed to arrange climax of concert and conducted (7) s???l?d
22d) Inability to appreciate music close at hand after it's picked up (3,3) t?a,?a?
and can you confirm if I have the following correct?
3d) Exclusive piano piece? Not piano. (4) ?l?m I think Plum


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22 tin ear
3d yes plum

P(Iano) lum(p)
17 are you sure of your letters?

Anagram of agreed and (concer)t gives Redgate (conductor)
Question Author
Hi Toorak, yes, pretty sure of the three letters. I thought the last three might be 'led', ... i.e. conducting. I'm still trying to work out where I've gone wrong with 'tin ear'! I thought I had the t?a correct :-( I'll give it more thought and check with you all later!
17 settled

Set (arrange) (concer)t led (conducted)
Sorry mally - was typing it when you posted
no worries, the more the merrier x
Question Author
Thank you mallyh and Toorak ... now it makes sense. Just got to sort out the 'tin ear'.

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Bbc Music Magazine 339

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