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hankir | 15:00 Tue 08th Oct 2019 | Crosswords
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Help with: (Wordplay may have one letter omitted)

2d. Learned about support to pick up shopper? (two words) 6 or 7 letters

23a. Organised crime is hypocritical and naughty 5 or 6 letters

18d. Recorded and recognised Old English 5 or 6 letters



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2d tote bag O goes down
23a piracy Y goes across
18d wrote clue was short of an R
Question Author
Thanks ros.
I don't have the 8 extra letters but I have a completed grid.
The 8 extras just spelled out what you had to highlight i.e. the native name for the end column ...i didn't find all 8 anyway...
Question Author
Thanks again ros

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Ev 1403

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