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Arrods | 12:11 Tue 08th Oct 2019 | Crosswords
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As online DM readers will know, they now show your position out of all those who submitted for certain puzzles. What do they mean by position?

Just 'for fun', I completed today's crossword 'off line' first. I then went online and filled in the answers as quickly as my fingers would allow. It showed that it took me 15 seconds. But I was 18th out of 459 players! Am I missing something?

Don't tell me 441 players did the same as I just did - but have quicker fingers!


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Arrods, it is quite possible as thousands of people do the crossword.
doesn't it mean the quickest to submit?
Arrods, just completed it (legitimately) 26 seconds . 39th out of 464
Slightly off topic. Does anyone think there is a new compiler doing the Daily Mail Prize crossword.Either I am losing it or the compiler is.
I find the clues really weird and see no reasoning in a lot of them. Is it just me? :-(
Retro, I once mad enquires as to who was the setter.Apparently there isn't one person and they are compiled by the office staff.
^made enquiries^
Thanks danny
Does that include the office cleaner :-)
Can you notice any difference?
Question Author
Fair enough Danny. Today's was fairly easy though, as the 4 down clues were 'obvious' and so you didn't have to worry about the 4 across ones. I'll have another go when the clues are really obscure, just to see what happens!
Question Author
I think you can sense that there are different compilers.

But also off topic, why is there no consistency in offering a prize on Saturdays? Sometimes there's a prize for the Spiral, and sometmes not.
Retro, yes , there were a couple of iffy ones today IMO.
Same yesterday Danny.
Glad it's not just me.
Arrods //But also off topic, why is there no consistency in offering a prize on Saturdays?//
Since the Mail was taken over there are a few things regarding the puzzles that have gone to pot, e.g one prize a week instead of one a day foer the prize crossword.

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