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mrsmaggot | 15:43 Sun 15th Sep 2019 | Crosswords
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I have went badly wrong in this x-word
I think as I can’t get the top left had corner to work out !
1)unknown American company manufacturers metal (4 )
I had ACME but can’t fit it in with the down clues so don’t now think it is.
10) State first yet follow step to discord (9)
Possibly ?p?i????y
15) Pacific island retains recording of this Ben
Possibly ?r?d??

2) card game played on the Whisky Line in Paris? (6,2 3)
At present got ‘ chemin de fer ‘ but not fitting with the above across clues
4) Strive to chat about Russian heir(10)
Possibly t?a?????c?
11) Tom has a short delay on slave platform (7)
Possibly ??t?s?a

Any suggestions appreciated - been at this ages, really bugging me!


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4d Tsarevitch - anag 'strive + chat'
11d Cat-a sta(y)
4 Tsarevich?
1a Zinc - 'Z' (unknown) + 'Inc' (a US company) (?)
2d Chammy De Fer
15a Macdui (Ben; mountain) - 'Maui' (retains) 'CD' (recording)
2d Sorry, Chemin de fer
10a Stridency - 'N(orth) C(arolina) y(et; first)' (follow) 'stride' (step)
Question Author
Thank you all so much !
I have now got this completed - I had a wrong answer for 2 down
The clue was ‘train that’s loath to move ‘ and I had put ‘sleeper ‘but from what you’ve given me above it is ‘inertia’
Will manage to sleep tonight now ( as when I don’t finish it clues keep rumbling round my head and I can’t shut-off!)
Glad you're sorted, MrsM :-)
1 Zinc
Oops sorry didn't scroll

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Knock News Magazine . Crossword/ September Issue

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