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jobjockey | 21:28 Sat 10th Aug 2019 | Crosswords
11 Answers
Cant get this
13 Across And ChieF
8 Down geomEtry
Where have I gone wrong must be me
no one else has queried it


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What are the clues? X
13 and crime
12/13/15 Person above the law commercialised prison income irregularly

8 Nerd cut short attempt to secure order in maths subject(8)
Thank you anyway, mamya xx
Only fair I feel.
8 Geometry

OM (Order of Merit_ in Gee(k) + try
Question Author
Apologies the F in chief
is the E in geometry
answered above
Question Author
My stupidity
13 across and crime
not and chief
No wonder no one else
had problems.

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