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pnin | 09:54 Sat 03rd Aug 2019 | Crosswords
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Only got this far thanks to massive cheating, including exhaustive use of resources here. Don't understand or cannot parse half the answers.

One circuit of Paris or relief work of printer (1,2,6)
A, -A, -O-P-E.

A la something, I suppose.

A real pig today, IMHO.


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A la poupee
A lap (= one circuit) + ou (Paris or, i.e. "or" in French) + pee (= relief)
//A la poupée is an intaglio printmaking technique for applying different ink colors using a ball-shaped wad of fabric to apply the ink to a copperplate. Paper is printed through just one run in the press. The term a la poupée means "with a doll", which refers to the wad of fabric, shaped like a ball.//
I gave up on it. Not enjoyable at all. :-)

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Guardian Last One

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