Ev 1388

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saladdodger | 23:50 Mon 24th Jun 2019 | Crosswords
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There is an extra letter somewhere in the clue.. not sure of the parses...

40a Scottish bears good to relocate in their enclosures (5) DREES ? Is the extra O ..god instead of good? How does it parse?

21d Committed to political action Arun's adherent of Charles 1 (7) ENGAGER ? A is extra


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From Chambers: engagé - committed to political action....+ (adherent)r(un)
Rees - (Scots) enclosures - around D(eus) (God)
...+ D, not around.
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Thank you scorpiojo
It's REE(D)S for 'enclosures' (alt spelling of 'ree') with 'god'=D 'relocated,' giving the same answer - DREES (Scots 'endures').

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Ev 1388

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