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creamegg | 14:25 Sun 26th May 2019 | Crosswords
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1d european in america entertained by south east african

2d scoundrel requires system for paying up
?c?b - scab?

4d mission paul set up, fishy?

6d provocative chopping of nice new log

11a how dare he wear the van out 4,1,5
w??? a ???v? - what a nerve?

15a baby feeder squashed by bricks - no need to worry 3,2,2
??? i? ??

18,16 as is a femme fatale? 4,4,8
d?o? d?a? ??r????? - drop dead gorgeous?

25a 104 fancy holiday destination


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What a nerve
Let it go
Drop dead gorgeous

Question Author
thankyou, good to see I was correct with the ones I thought.
Question Author
any idea on this one:
21d now achievement of tennis player eclipsing that of batsman 2,4
a? ??c? - at once?

Yes Ace (tennis player) round ton
Question Author
and 23a I think is complexity, clue: agree hedges opening at the end - feature of labyrinth, but can't parse
Comply around exit
Why is 2d SCAB?
System for paying = BACS, then 'up' = SCAB = scoundrel

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