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saladdodger | 17:44 Fri 24th May 2019 | Crosswords
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Quite a gentle one today.


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Very good introductory Listener. Not dumbed down.

Thanks Opsimath.
I agree. Very straightforward clues but not an easy wordsearch (for me, anyway!)

A good beginner's puzzle which ought to encourage new solvers.

Thanks, Opsimath.
I really enjoyed it - not hard, certainly, but an enjoyable puzzle. A gentle treat at the end of a hard work. Thanks, Opsimath.
This is a Listener debut I think, though Opsimath has appeared in the IQ and EV series. Very straightforward and enjoyable, with only a slight hold-up finding one of the features to highlight. I don't know if this will be sufficiently challenging for some of the top solvers, but I'm not one of those and I never complain when a puzzle is easy! Thanks Opsimath and I look forward to your next appearance.
Agree with comments, if the measure in this household is a “one glass of wine” solution time.
I'll be delighted to hand this to anyone who's too scared to attempt the Listener, but I'd be in trouble next week, I'm sure :-)

Thanks, Opsimath!
I have been away from Listener land for so long that I'm seriously rusty. Missing one of the answers, 17, and can't find the highlighting (save a seven-letter word that is presumably only half of one of the two features). But still, not going to complain about finding a doable listener to get back into the fray.
I don't share the general enthusiasm for this one. Some of the clues are frankly feeble and in one instance the same word is used in the clue (misprinted) and in the answer (if I've got it right).
Very nice but is one of the features to be found in the top and bottom rows.
I see it now!
I share Contendo's view of the puzzle. There are some nice features and few good clues, but on the whole I felt that not enough effort was put into the clues, most of which are rather too easy for a Listener crossword. I think it needed around a dozen harder clues to make it a more satisfying solve while keeping it at the easier end of the spectrum.
I'm on Contendo's team here. I started it on Sunday evening, having driven a couple of hundred miles after a weekend of family wedding - and finished it within the hour. Yes, it introduces the novice to the "letters in clues" and "wordsearch" factors, but, other than that has little to say "Listener". Scorpio is right
There is 'gentle' and there is 'rolls over and waves legs in the air' - this is nearer to the second type.

It was pleasnat enough, but I've had Grauniad crpytics take longer.

Thanks Opsimath - always nice to see a new setter - and a nice subject and highlighting - but someone should have asked you to toughen it up a bit
Fastest solve ever for me. I even found the features to highlight without difficulty.

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Listener 4556

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