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JJ109 | 04:08 Sun 19th May 2019 | Crosswords
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26d Fabric mark? A firm’s upset with this (5) _ RACK
9d Wretched waste in the sea (4) _ LUE
25a Sliver of noisette consumed red? (6) NEA _ EN
(is "neaten" "red"!!!)

Obviously I can come up with answers to these, but I also need the parsing! Thankyou

This next one - I don't understand!
20 Noblewoman is bent, in grip of chronic fatigue (8) MAR _ HE _ E
Marchese is a nobleman (marchesa is the noblewoman). However I am pretty sure my crossers are correct. It parses as Marches(E) = noblewoman = arches (is bent) "in" M.E. (chronic fatigue). Therefore I am sure MARCHESE is correct, but can someone please confirm "marchese" can also be a noblewoman (I don't have Chambers!)

Many thanks


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Red, to put in order; tidy.
04:29 Sun 19th May 2019
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Sorry, I forgot another

28d Dip in the loch section, low but rising? (4) SOO _
I want it to be "Soom" but I think I am inventing a word! = S(ection) + Moo (reversed)
Hi jj, Chambers gives Marchese as an Italian Marquess
28d //soom: A Scotish form of swim//
Dip in the loch
Cattle low and moo S(ection)
Chambers again- Soom, Scots form of swim
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Thanks both Danny and Ozzy - that is two confirmed!
Red, to put in order; tidy.
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Thanks Ozzy - that was one meaning of "red" that I was not aware of!
Me either ;-)
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With regards 9d The sea is the "BLUE" and wretched/depressed etc = blue. But where does the "waste" come in?
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He blew the money = he wasted the money. Could "wretched" be used as a sounds like indicator?.... but then it should be wasted rather than waste!
9d is a triple definition. Cambers has 'blue' as 'to squander'

26d. BRACK, a flaw in cloth.
Anagram of 'fabric mark' - 'a firm'
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Many thanks Iminoz - finished with everyone's help!

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Azed - Last Few And Parsing Help Please

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