Wi Life May/june

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Shegs | 08:31 Tue 14th May 2019 | Crosswords
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I'm stuck on the last two clues so any help would be gratefully received.

1. 'Makeshift centre removed to fit'. 2,4 I- / T--- I keep thinking In Tent.

2. 'Offer to curb new nuisance'. 4 ---D I think it might be Hold

However, if the answer is Hold on the second clue, the first one becomes I- / T-O- which leaves me stumped!


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2 Bi n d
In t(e)rim
int(e)rim IN TRIM?
In t(e)rim
2.Bind (nuisance) - n(new) inside bid(offer)
2 Bind = bid (over) around N(ew)
^^ I think my mind is going - I am sure I typed "offer" not "over"!
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Oh, well done everyone. Thank you very much.

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Wi Life May/june

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