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dafyddapgwilym | 15:29 Sun 12th May 2019 | Crosswords
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Could some really kind person out thereplease just put me out of my misery by parsing
7d) Nothing in Franzen's volume is idle (6)
I have L?I?E? and it has to be LOITER as in the verb, idle, and O is the nothing, but apart from Jonathan Franzen (I presume he's the one?) being American and thus spelling litre differently I can't find any reference to liter in his oeuvre. I need closure!!


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You have it, the parse is as you worked it out.
Americans spell it liter

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But why Franzen, as opposed to any other out of squillions of other Americans?
Just a setter's ploy. He could equally have said Trump or Obama.
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Ah well. Thanks for that. Let's go fly a kite...
I think that was what Broteas was doing.

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Tls 1275

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