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professorplum13 | 15:13 Sun 05th May 2019 | Crosswords
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There may be a misprint in the defn
1a Bits of liverwort in ground came up seemingly regularly (5 or more letters)

25d Keeper of dabs raised difficulty with fish (6 or more) possibly starting with B

10d Erect public convenience (4 or more)


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10 Just a double definition, a four-letter word meaning the first word, and the second two words together.

25 Rub is the difficulty (and remember 'raised'...)
1a) Thematically modified before entry
25d) Misprint in the definition
10d) Double definition, although the second is not commonly known
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Thanks Neveracrossword & DocHH...can't say i've heard of it as a toilet either!
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More help with 1a please....
1a is 9 letters (hyphenated 5-4).'s an anagram - CAME UP + S(ee)M(in)G(ly)
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Thank you ProfessorMaisie
Thanks you all for clearing up three answers.

I am still confused about how to enter 1a and 14a, both of which are longer.
A two letter word is common to both. But there are more letters to be dropped/or combined in 1a.
Have you got the quote hankir ...maybe not as its from an English sitcom. The last 3 words of the quote (after the 12 which come from the misprints) are all 2 letters ...any occurrences of these words then need to be removed from answers. (6 answers to modify)
3 of the 6 have two 2 letter bits to take out and the other 3 just have one 2 letter bit to remove.
Thanks roslyn.
Don't have opportunity to watch English sitcoms. (One BBC channel shows some from time to time).
Will plod on.
To roslyn or anyone else:
I will need a hint on the number of words oin English sitcom and the words that 12 letters make.
Then I may have a chance.

hankir - Try to resolve the clashes so that a 5 letter surname follows the first 8 letter word - then try a search for that person + 'catch phrase'.
Thanks ProfessorM.
sitcom - ???'? ????
misprints - T??? D??'? ???? (?? ?? '??).
Thanks ProfessorM.
Your hint helped me to find the Stupid Boy and Don't panic!
Delightful cultural counterpoint to this week's super, if easier than normal, Listener.

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Ev 1381

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