The Listener Crossword No 4553 Inscription By Dysart

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upsetter | 12:30 Sat 04th May 2019 | Crosswords
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An excellent puzzle - some tough clues but the entry was quite easy.

An unambiguous ending leaving time for other weekend activities.
A little perplexed by the Emmy Award winner but could only think of one answer.


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Agreed - I found many of the clues almost impossibly tough, but Dysart always plays fair and I had no doubts after finally cracking each clue. The entry method wasn't a fearsome as it looked and all fell nicely into place at the end. I don't submit answers so I didn't make much effort with the drawing - I'm useless at drawing anyway.

Excellent puzzle with one slight reservation - there seemed to be even more obscure Scottish words than usual for a Listener. No doubt most people don't mind this, but I prefer Scottish dialect words (Spenser and Shakespeare too) to be kept to a minimum.
I thought this was a stunning puzzle, and I cannot imagine the theme better implemented. Tough, fair clues coupled with a clear and clever endgame - if only all puzzles were this good. Thanks, Dysart.
Very pretty construction. And yes, jolly tough clues
Decent enough puzzle but my artistic talents are somewhat akin to those displayed by Hirst, Emin et al (i.e. virtually zero)

Thanks, Dysart, for a tough workout.
Hagen, perhaps fair comment on Scottish words (as Scots). We are all deemed to know Shakespeare etc, but we readily identified some answers because of the (to us) obvious Scottish component.
Even nicer than the Fibonacci spiral puzzle a few years ago.
A lovely puzzle and tough as well...the last clue I managed was also the Emmy award winner. I´ve just finished my artistic masterpiece ready for submission and it looks like the work of a five-year-old
I can only echo others and add my appreciation to another excellent puzzle from Dysart.

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The Listener Crossword No 4553 Inscription By Dysart

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