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neversaydie | 14:52 Fri 03rd May 2019 | Crosswords
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No Scots sharing trumpet of silver (5)
I have luna?
Is cutting wind special around Nutmeg State (7)
Bisects or disects?
Restaurant contains tree with climbing plant (trimmed)
Italian? -if so why, if not, what?


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Bisects- is and ct inside bes(t) special
3. Italian, restaurant. Ita is the tree
lian(a) is the climbing plant(trimmed)
Question Author
Thanks all.
Explanation for "lunae"?
Thanks,Danny- I thought that was the plant, but I'm out and couldn't check.
I can see nae for no Scots .

Bisects - Bise (cold dry wind in Switzerland) and s (special) around Ct
Nescio's parse is better
Lunar - Lur is the trumpet, Na is the Scottish no.
Neversaydie, I forgot to apologise for giving you the wrong answer - I shouldn't do things in a rush! Lunar, of silver, is much better.

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Speccie 2406

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