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johnT | 11:44 Fri 03rd May 2019 | Crosswords
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Pretty sure of adjoining letters but I've been wrong before.

1d. Owlet moth aims back after business (6) ?O?M?A

20a. When you have to buy more than you really want (3-2) ??E / ?N
I believe it could be LIE IN but surely LAY IN makes more sense.

16d. Through braid is a support (8) B???R?P?
Possibly BELLROPE but I can't see logic of clue.

22d. A couple of words at a time I am writing with a ballpoint (6) I?????

23d. Aura seen as short time changing public transport (6) N?????

Thanks in advance


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22 I am Bic
1d Cosmia
23 nimbus
^ min reversed + bus
16d Buttress?
Though? But +Tress
16 boltrope?
Buttress is good
Not through Ellie? Though?
Buttress looks good if Though and not through.
What is the clue giving the 'p' ?
Question Author
I had PIRANHA but it looks like SIRENIA is the answer - so it has to be BUTTRESS.

As for 20a. T?E / ?N - it has to be TIE ON or TIE IN - and I'm having misgivings about both as I've heard of Laying in or Lay In as a term for stocking up but neither of those.
20a, What is the clue giving the 'e' ?
Question Author
The E for 20a comes from 17d Defeat and put upside down (8) O???T?R?
I have OVERTURN at the moment but obviously if the E is not correct then I'd be wrong
Stocking up. Toe In? stocking=hosiery?
Question Author
Hey Togo
The clue doesn't mention stocking up - but it's inferred

20a. When you have to buy more than you really want (3-2) T?E / ?N
So TOE IN is still bewildering me a bit - doesn't seem right
TIE-IN looks right - 'selling an item on condition that other items are purchased' (Chambers).
Righto JohnT. I though "stocking up" was the clue.
Agree Prof Maisie. "Tie In" clauses in a contract etc.

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