Double Whammy On Listener And Ev...

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vetuste_ennemi | 03:49 Mon 22nd Apr 2019 | Crosswords
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Good and bad news for this "can do sometimes but not always" solver: got the grid and themes of both the easier than usual Listener ("Optics") and the possibly harder than usual EV ("Scarcity").

Optics: Never seen the device which revealed the theme in the quadrant (so liked that), but can't understand the central entanglement. Working out the "instances" may help, I guess.

Scarcity: got the author (a VE "who he, then?"), got the protagonist. Can't understand the "11 chapter headings".


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Agree about central tangle, so sorry cannot help yet. Thought EV was more straightforward than you found it. Authors initials not VE, so maybe not got theme yet.
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Re EV, Simonsays, got Calvino and Marco Polo, but not how the reduction by removal of "chapter headings" or "bits of them" reveal the protagonist.
If you google the book ...the 11 chapter headings are there....e.g. chapter 4 has "thin" in the title so remove it from 24a...etc
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Thanks, Roslyn.
In 'optics' 8 answers (4 downs, 4 acrosses) start or end in a single cell of the grid - the four letters that start and complete them (the optic) is written in the single cell.
A similar square of 16 cells has the same four letters writ large.
...or are you referring to the 3 anagrams (from the sets of the extra/omitted letters) by 'entanglement'?

The missing letters are - HELANTOPTTAACCLTATONEPO
The extra letters are the same but in a different order.
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And thank you, Professor Maisie.

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Double Whammy On Listener And Ev...

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