1154 The Week Friday April 19Th 2019

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twerpess | 18:01 Fri 19th Apr 2019 | Crosswords
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Hi all, Would be grateful for any assistance with the following - Struggling with quite a few this week!
1a Managers mistake close to disaster (6) ?A????
9a Very Pleasing girl, outwardly competent (8) ?D?????E
10a Cheap canned pint no longer available except for University (6) T???O?
14a Old Fellow United dropped (4) ?S??
29a Grant's former partner is game (6) H?R?E?

Many thanks in advance. Happy Easter


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10 Tinpot
9 A Dora ble
29 hurley
1a gaffe(r)
14a used
Question Author
Thanks very much everyone
Sorry to say I don't really understand the reasoning for 1a or 14a. Also is 4d (Guy Robert gets one for nothing) RAB?

Any help with these please?
14 Old - Used

United - Fused - drop the F(ellow)
All I can see for 1a is

Manager - Gaffer - minus R, but it's poorly worded if Disaster is also the definition.
I've read it wrong, am a fool

Gaffe (Mistake) + (Disaste)r
Thanks Mamyalynne - not for the first time!
Rib (guy) . Make fun of

Change o in rob for I
Thanks Toorak - I only thought of "male" for "guy", so I changed the o to a. Thinking of Rab Nesbit(t) no doubt!

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1154 The Week Friday April 19Th 2019

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