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creamegg | 15:07 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | Crosswords
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1d speaking budgie oddly gets hostile attention 5,3
?e?d? eye

3d animals with long faces sleep upside down

4d attack row of cages

5d one coaxing turner to capture daughter

6d change of tone when 50 overwhelmed by disease

16d producing a score, composer at first in love

19d calm down, feeding vegetables to animal

21d slat by tradition letting some rays through

22d total outsiders accommodated by patient man


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1 Beady eye
22 Castle
19 Appease
16 notching
16 Notching

19 Appease

21 Louvre

5 Wheedler

6 Inflection
4 Battery
6 Inflection
Can I ask you please Creamegg, why you appear to have answered many across clues but don't appear able to get any of the downwards ones. No problem to me, you can ask all the questions if you want to..... I'm just nosy!
3 Pandas
Question Author
I'm not very good at cryptics, I'm just learning.
Question Author
thanks x
No problem Creamegg - that is the best way to learn!
Good Luck!

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