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xvbn | 15:15 Thu 21st Mar 2019 | Crosswords
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Tennis ace.(4) I have a?d?


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Ashe (?) - what's the clue that gives you the 'D', please?
Question Author
tough material. I have denim.
Sorry xvbn, I missed your reply - if you're sure of the 'A', & 'denim' fits other crossing letters, then I can't see better than Danny's answer, although if they really only want a first name, it's a poor clue imo.

Sticking with 'Ashe' for the moment, I'll throw this into the mix for the "tough material" - not sure if it fits well enough & of course would mean changing the 'M' of 'deniM'...
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The ' A' comes from Taster which is my answer to "Sample". I think the rest of the crossing letters are OK so as you say probably a bad clue and could be Andy. Thanks for your help.
Thanks for replying - sorry it wasn't a nice definite answer though.

Would you be good enough to post with the results when they're published? It's one of those that'll niggle away... :-)
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The answer was Andy so you are right Lie in King, it was a bad clue
Hi xvbn - I just found the note I made of this & have been reminded to return. I'm sorry I missed your reply on Sunday, but thank you for taking the time to confirm the answer :-)

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