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chokkie | 16:54 Thu 07th Mar 2019 | Crosswords
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Have just come back from my monthly cryptic crossword group meeting, and was handed a piece of paper with two clues to solve .... don't know where these clues come from, I am completely stumped ....

1. Inattentive fellow cut short (4) dea?

2. H I J K L M N O (5) ?a?e?

Many thanks, Chox.


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2 Water - H2O
Water - H to O
1 Deaf?
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Thanks folks - couldn't see the Water one for looking .... and yes, I think it's "deaf", too.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated. Cheers, Chox.
Deaf was my first thought too but I couldn't parse it. How does it work please?
I couldn't parse it either (hence the question mark).
I thought Dea(n) - fellow cut short but couldn't see where the F (another fellow?) came from
Thought maybe the clue should read fellows (plural) and it was fellow cut short in two different ways Dea(n) and F(ellow)
Good call on dea(n). Iwondered if the clue isn't exactly right.

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Help With Clues, Please

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