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redglenys | 00:22 Mon 04th Mar 2019 | Crosswords
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9a a round robin endng noon [4] a???
7d creep friendly with Chester [5]
11a soldiers fool with you on the front [4]
13a man handed starter, leading to a " yuck"" [4] h?g?
4d disgraced German joiner keeping up with rowdy [3 words][11 letters
12d wnderer enraged by a enial [[3] ??u
19a did detective briefly stick around?97] I think e?????e]
1d place a tenant makes rank [4]?I??
16d notive [notice silencing count [3] ad? add?
22d objects like boxes ibrahim emptied [4] ??a?
23d a country singer Bob listened to [4] ?ari
Sorry it is so many

a country singer Bob listened to [4] ?ari
22a the first man to help one out in the morning [4] ????


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Has anybody got answer to code cracker in the mail please
13a. H ugh
Most of this have been asked today Glenys - the search box can come in handy.
22a A(I)d am
22a. A(i)d am
1. lieu (tenant)
23d. Mali, sounds like Marley
Evening mac, hope this finds you well ;)
Good evening to you Sam.
22d. aims
12 and 14d both have 5 letters. Nomad - Grail
Question Author
still stuck on 4d disgraced german joiner keeping up with rowdy [3 words]
7d creep friendly with Chester [[4]? n?h
20d statesman not holding Republican male up [5 n?h?u} nehru?

under a cloud
Not - 'Un' round/holding R He , all up
20d Un holding R(epublican) He. Then reverse Nehru.
4d und+er a c+loud? is whquote[wa] it to be.. but can't parse
Oops, 00.02. Late on parade again.
Question Author
Thank you all very very much

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