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susanwilton | 09:21 Thu 28th Feb 2019 | Crosswords
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6d) Unexpectedly comes by to gather in almost all dulcimers (9) c?m?a?o?s
Would it be cymbaloms or cimbaloms? I'm more of the opinion cymbaloms but would appreciate your help.


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Oxford dictionary of music has cymbalom see cimbalom, so I would go with cimbalom.
cymbaloms, anag comes by al(l)
Looks like either is permissible and as Mac has indicated the anagram cymbaloms is better.
Mac, there is no 'e' in Cymbaloms
Sorry Susan,I haven't been much help.Rather confused matters.
Chambers gives cymbalo as a dulcimer, plural cymbaloes which is in fact an anagram of comes by al(l).

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Thank you both .... I did feel that as 'by' is in the clue, that I would go with the cymbalom spelling, it's an anagram .... but with a bit of extra work to it :-)
Susan, the anagram gives cymbaloes not cymbaloms. ^^^

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Bbc Music Magazine No. 331

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