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stevenj | 18:27 Mon 25th Feb 2019 | Crosswords
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Hello again. A bit later than usual.
After last weekend's depression because His Nibs and his mother were looking at unis in Yorkshire and my realisation that we would be spending a lot of time apart, the week has been AMAZING. it was his half term and mine too (except the uni hides it being a holiday by calling it "reading week"). Still we both have exams coming up and we decided we should work, He was keen to see what the uni library was like and we decided to work there. Nobody challenged him I am glad to say. We DID work hard but it was just a delight to be able to be with him during long periods of work and not just the social occasions we have been used to (and loving). I have made clear (I think) my feelings for him and I could not have been happier. But , in one way, it confirms my feelings of last weekend. But enough . To the crossie.
I have finished it but there are, as always, some answers that are there because they fit rather than because I am sure they are right. May I test some please?
6ac Bank holiday fare stolen, to thwart any number boarding bus. I am sure (but see above) the answer is "hot cross buns" and they are holiday fare; but the rest?
36ac Doing survey in street, wishing to restrict parking bays initially maybe. "Window shopping" fits but why?
56ac Mineral in concrete roof tile going west .My list of minerals gives "realgar" (never heard of it before) and it fits. But it doesn't make sense to me.
and last, for the moment anyway
44d Squad for undertaking civil engineer's job? "Task force" fits the clues across and that is a squad I suppose. But I don't understand.

if anyone is there, I'd be glad of advice please


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6a Stolen (as in property) = HOT
Thwart = CROSS
Number = N, inside BUS
44 Task (undertaking) for Civil Engineer
task force- task for CE (civil engineer)
I'm glad you're feeling happier now, Steven. :-)
Job = TASK
For = FOR
Civil Engineer = CE
Hot (stolen) cross (thwart) bu n(umber)s
Realgar - 'real' (concrete) + 'rag' (roof tile, going west; back)

...a roofing slate that is rough on one side
36 Windows (bays initially) + Hoping round P
Windows (bays) around hoping (wishing) + p(arking)
Glad you've been making the best of your time together.
Question Author
And, as always, there are my heroes and heroines to the rescue. And, as always, when you explain, I wonder why I was so thick that I didn't see the answers myself!!!
Though I'm still not quite clear about why windows and bays are interchangeable. And realgar would have remained a mystery without the explanation.

Thank you, scorpion for the extra comment. I'm always grateful for the kindnesses I am shown by you all.
Bay window, Steven? :-)
Question Author
The machine "corrected "scorpiojo " to "scorpion" Sorry about that!
Question Author
Have just looked up "bay window" . A new one for me. Sheltered life I suppose.
And additional thanks to Mamyalynne
Question Author
Sorry! I have just realised that I didn't actually say thank you to you all. I hope you all realise that I AM very grateful not just for the lessons in crossword solution but the rest as well.
Thank you!

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