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glenlass | 08:34 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Crosswords
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" h?e they then with great accord" says the Christian hymn (3)

Can't figure this out at all.


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Are you sure of the letters because there are very few words with that combination and none of them appear to fit ?
see is the only word that makes sense but can't find a hymn
'Now let us all with one accord' is a hymn title.

Does that help at all?
Is ‘h?e’ the letters you have so far, or a typo in your writing of the clue?
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Hi all
Sorry for delay in getting back to you. Clue for No. 1 Across, is " To which all Anglican churches are affiliated". (6,2,7) The sixth letter of the first word in this clue is the first letter of Clue 4. down "they then with great accord" says the Christian hymn. I put in " Church of England" for No. 1 Across which give "h" as the first letter of clue 4 down.
Then No. 9 Across is Sermon on the Mount " Wherefore, if God so ?????? the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven (6) The sixth letter of this clue is the last letter of No. 4 down. I put in "clothe" which gives "e" as the last letter.
Hope you can understand this. As you will gather all the clues are of a religious theme.

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