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racoony | 12:09 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | Crosswords
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Please help with parsing of 13 across.Clue is: Spicy snacks go with Italian lager.9 letters.I have ?E?P?R?N?.Is it PEPPERONI? If so, how does it fit with lager? Many thanks.


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Peroni is a type of lager
Pep (go) + peroni (brand of Italian lager)
Pepperoni- pep(go) + Peroni (Italian lager)
Pep = go
go is PEP, PERONI is Italian beer.
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Many thanks all.Much appreciated
I haven't enjoyed the Everyman last week or this, but loved both Azeds. Is there some kind of inverse proportionality?

That said, I won this week so I am grinning smugly :-))
Miracle cure get practically starkers caked in dirt
Snake oil

Nake(d) in Soil

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