Listener Crossword 4540 Chalked Up By Nudd

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perseverer | 00:58 Sat 02nd Feb 2019 | Crosswords
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Not a difficult grid fill and I had a good idea what I was looking for but it did take a little while to understand what exactly the four groups of omitted letters was about.
Thanks to Nudd.


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A slightly easier offering this week - but held up by a couple of tricky clues and the precise arrangement of the endgame, which is cleverly done. I personally welcome the variation in difficulty the Listener offers - you don't want to spend every weekend torturing the brain. And, again, an opportunity to revisit a theme I know too little about.
Many thanks to Nudd.
It was a pleasant surprise when all became clear, as I was expecting something totally different to appear in the grid. On the easier end of the Listener spectrum, certainly, but what matters is the elegance of the implementation of the theme, and we had plenty of that here. Always a reliable setter, Nudd has chalked up another excellent puzzle.
Certainly a fairly easy grid fill and fortunately, not too much of a grid stare afterwards. Thanks Nudd, even my artistic abilities can cope with this.
Another one knocked off without too much difficulty. But enough fun to keep me entertained and involved. The grid stare seemed impenetrable at first, but the PDM raised a smile. Thanks, Nudd
Agree with comments. For a much stiffer challenge go to today’s Inquisitor - a carte blanche with numerous twists and turns. IainGrace
An almost trivial gridfill - when I can do 50% of the grid without even needing to check an answer in the BRB then it's not really hard enough?

The grid stare was (mercifully) brief and the resultant artwork a reasonable enough facsimile.

Thanks Nudd - I probably didn't have time for another mindbender, so this was very welcome - now back to sorting and packing for the removers ...
Despite some easy clues this was an entirely echt Listener.
An elegant end point and no lengthy grid stare - Thanks Nudd.

Enjoyable and a decent final result. As others have said, it's nice to have an easier one once in a while.

Thanks, Nudd.

Straightforward fun and, as Wikipedia says, one of the finest examples of minimalist art. Extraordinary creation
I guessed the theme from the preamble, but that didn’t spoil the enjoyment - thanks, Nudd!

I hope there will be some licence given over the curves, as I can’t see how to avoid non-omitted letters, and I want to make the thing look vaguely authentic.
An enjoyable puzzle that's allowed me time to do other things over the weekend. I confess to being a little anxious about my artwork, particularly in the NE corner. There are so many ways of complying with the rubric. I'm not sure if we have to adopt a minimalist approach in the use of non-thematic letters.

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Listener Crossword 4540 Chalked Up By Nudd

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