Daily Telegraph Quick Crossword 534 Monday January 14Th 2019

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stainl88 | 02:04 Mon 14th Jan 2019 | Crosswords
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Going out on a limb here. I have just completed the Telegraph online Win Prizes Quick crossword for today.

I got 96% so the online checker suggests I have one wrong. I have checked my answers several times and cannot spot an incorrect or misspelt answer.

I know that once before, the Telegraph had answers with alternative spellings and just wondered if anyone was aware of alternative spellings in this crossword? I understand, without listing all my answers, it is unlikely I will get an answer here but thought i would ask in case anyone else has spotted such an anomaly in this crossword. Otherwise, there must be something I simply don't know how to spell!


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What have you for 20 across?
Or 16 down
Question Author
They are correct,Can't see any other obvious pitfalls. Do you want to post your answers a few at a time?
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13d is agitate not animate (though both work).
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Thanks. I think it is worth a message to the Telegraph to suggest both answers work. Not too worried if they don't go along with it but they do both work and others may hit this issue.

Thanks again
Stain, no point in sending a message to the Telegraph.They rely on Chambers and agitate is the only word that fits the clue precisely.
Question Author
Telegraph have altered the clue to have an anagram now

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Daily Telegraph Quick Crossword 534 Monday January 14Th 2019

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