Tls Crossword 1257

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Telescoper | 21:02 Sat 12th Jan 2019 | Crosswords
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One left. 22 across.

One "... where corals lie", one with "music soft and low".

I have A-O-L

Presumably it is ATOLL but I don't get the second part of the wordplay. Any suggestions please?


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Pacific related. Both seem Elgar related too.
Elgar's Sea Pictures links the two quotes
Atoll for coral as you identified, and A Toll (of a bell, which can be soft and low musically)
"The deeps have music soft and low—When winds awake the airy spry, It lures me, lures me on to go—And see the land where corals lie.—The land, the land, where corals lie. By mount and mead, by lawn and rill,—When night is deep, and moon is high, That music seeks and finds me still,—And tells me where the corals lie.—And tells me where the corals lie. Yes, press my eyelids close, 'tis well,Yes, press my eyelids close, 'tis well,—But far the rapid fancies fly To rolling worlds of wave and shell,—And all the land where corals lie. Thy lips are like a sunset glow,—Thy smile is like a morning sky, Yet leave me, leave me, let me go—And see the land where corals lie.—The land, the land, where corals lie."
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My problem(s) are that the "music soft and low" in the poem refers to "the deeps", not an atoll and the "toll" of a bell is not soft and low and is usually a repeated single note from the largest and loudest bell!

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Tls Crossword 1257

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