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poorclare | 12:22 Wed 09th Jan 2019 | Crosswords
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I need some help, please.
09a M(no borders or levies herein)t (4,6) ??e? ??r?e?
(this is exactly how the clue is given)

28a Last letter from St. John could be interpreted as a "Dear John" to us all!
(10) ???c?????e

05d I'm alone to reveal how intense on feel (9) ???t???a?
17d Aren't they at their most powerful when they're in the red? Figures
(9) ?a???n???.

Thanking you


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9a. free market
5d emotional
28a apocalypse
17d cardinals
Question Author
Thank you my friends,
Can some one confirm 21a Ellipsis? Threee of them are spotted... (4) d?t? I have Dots
also 26d What comes before an apology, you might exclaim. (4) o?p?
26d. oops
26d Oops ?
yes dots.
Three Dots at end of clue ?
dots? yes
Question Author
Thank you, there are 3 dots after several of the clues and the answer are not and were not dots but then that is the trick, I am now seeing dots ... lol
Hope you all have a lovely day.

Thank you
Question Author
Hi Mac44, thought I would let you know that 9a could be
Open Market, the 0 fits in the 3d which was A fitting weapon for an English soldier (5) t0mmy (Tommy) ???
Have this crossword finished at last.
Thanks to you and everyone who helped.

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Rte Guide No 3

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