I 2435 Last One 3 Dwn Extra Starring In Today's Films (4) -O-E

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dreamer56 | 15:03 Tue 27th Nov 2018 | Crosswords
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Last one 3 dwn
Extra starring in today's films (4) -O-E
I think it must be MORE, but why?
Many thanks in advance.


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More = extra
Kenneth More - is he starring in films on TV at present over in the UK?
Question Author
Thanks JJ109. That does seem to be the most plausible answer. However, Kenneth More is most certainly not starring in TODAY'S films. Hence the confusion.
Is there a question mark?

ie Extra starring in today's films? (4)
If so then the question mark would indicate the opposite, that he is NOT starring in todays films (he died).

I am clutching at straws here!
I think the I crosswords are old ones, recycled/re-used from the Independent several years ago. Maybe there was a Kenneth More link originally?

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I 2435 Last One 3 Dwn Extra Starring In Today's Films (4) -O-E

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