St 4822

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snoyl | 20:48 Sun 28th Oct 2018 | Crosswords
7 Answers
Stuck in NE side
5d District making soprano a persona non grata 6
5a Corporation strike over unlimited pay


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5d Pariah - in 'pariSh' make 's(oprano)' 'a'
5a Paunch (corporation) - 'punch' (over) '(p)a(y)' (unlimited)
Lie in king, I know I'm a sycophant but your clear explanations help many crossword solvers including me
That's kind of you, herbage, thank you :-)
Yes. V. useful to get explanation. Sometimes know answer but need it " parsing". Is parsing the correct word? I know it's used lot in AB but I always thought it was used wth grammar functions.
Yes, Parsing is the term used - precisely what I didn't do on this occasion.

Gladly LIK did.
Thanks Mamyalynne. My question was more one of semantics. Is parsing a correct use of the word or just a wrong but convenient way to ask for an explanation?

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St 4822

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