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anaxcrosswords | 13:42 Sun 09th Sep 2018 | Crosswords
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Hello all

Earlier this year Mark Goodliffe created a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads his solves of cryptic crosswords. I thought it was a brilliant idea but, as a setter, naturally wondered if a similar thing could be done from 'the other side of the fence'.

Since I had no way of doing it myself, I put the idea to Mark, and while he didn't dismiss it he did acknowledge it would be a technically difficult thing to do. An edited, uploaded video would always be possible, but would have to be unrealistically short to avoid ridiculous upload time.

Thanks to a techie friend I now have live streaming software, so I'm taking the plunge on Tuesday of this week at 4pm UK time, creating a cryptic crossword from a completely blank grid - live, in real time.

It isn't - as some might suspect - some egotistical "Hey, look at me writing cryptic clues" exercise. The idea is mainly to show what the process involves and how various bits of crossword software work.

The stream will be via my Twitch channel and there is a countdown timer below the broadcast screen if you want to refer to it as a reminder.

The nice thing about live streaming is live chat, so anyone can chip in with questions and comments, or just to say hello to each other... or even to me if I get lucky.

It should be a lot of fun, so I hope some of you crossword fans can be there.


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Sounds interesting Anax, I have bookmarked and will take a look see.
Also bookmarked, will try to remember! :-)
Bumping this for those who may have missed it.
Another bump...
Question Author
Thank you guys, and I'm glad to report it's all systems go, so a 4pm start as planned.
Question Author
BTW, should have mentioned. You can use the chat feature even when the broadcast isn't live, so do feel free to dive in - there's no need to wait until 4pm.
Question Author
This is great - chat already up and running!
Making a fresh brew then will come and have a look.
How does one "chat"? It won't let me sign in with "Lie-in King" or any variation of it (including no hyphen)...
Question Author
I think you have to register. It's not a commitment to anything, just the only way to have a username.

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