Time It Takes From Eastern Bloc To Berlin (7)

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60smusiclove | 11:19 Tue 14th Aug 2018 | Crosswords
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Giant Cryptic Lovatts Issue 117

Time it takes from Eastern Bloc to Berlin

I haven’t used this site for ages so hope I’m asking in the right way and please could someone let me know how to find answers to Lovatts puzzles when the drop down list only shows newspapers?

Many thanks!


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blOC TO BERlin
11:26 Tue 14th Aug 2018
Please can you reply with details of the letter count
Type the word Lovatts into the search box
The drop down box is for the title builder not for searches. Typing Lovatts in the search box shoudl help you
blOC TO BERlin
FF - seven letters - see heading
jjm October is seven letters
I know Danny - my post crossed with Jo's that wasn't there when I was responding to FF
Ah!, sorry jj.
...I never noticed (7) either ;-)
Read the posts carefully before you jump in danny. JJ's post was directed to Fictionfactory's first post.
Question Author
Thank you everyone!

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Time It Takes From Eastern Bloc To Berlin (7)

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