Sundaytelegraph Cryptic 2959

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Four Clubs | 11:01 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | Crosswords
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9dn Rebranded a star, transformed into leader of movement (8-6) ?????a????????
16dn Think about past crimes in reformed sate, ultimately (9ltrs) r?m?n???e
18ac Reverse as taken to heart by less polished campaigner (8ltrs) ?r?s???r
27ac Different entrances needed on the way back up (9ltrs) ??n?????t
23ac Significant reason for not eating in restaurant (7ltrs) n?t????
24dn Triumphant cry from British dominating home game (5ltrs) ??n??
Apologies for there being so many, but I am really struggling this week. Many thanks. Four Clubs


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9 Standard Bearer, anagram
16 Reminisce
23 Notable, significant - and No Table!
24 Bingo!
24d bingo?
18 Crusader, campaigner. As inside (taken to heart) of Cruder, less polished.
9d Standard-bearer - anag 'rebranded a star'
16d Reminisce - anag 'crimes in' + '(stat)e' (ultimately)
18a Crusader - 'as' (back, in) 'cruder'
27a Renascent - anag 'entrances'
23a No-table
24d Bingo - 'B(ritish)' (on; dominating) 'in (home) Go (game)'
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Many, many thanks to you all. I had thought standard bearer was an anagram but just couldn't see it. Hopefully I can now finish the crossword without having to ask for further help. Four Clubs

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Sundaytelegraph Cryptic 2959

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