Competition 16072 Sunday Express General Knowledge (£1,000) Crossword

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Daij | 22:47 Sun 06th May 2018 | Crosswords
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I've been doing this crossword for years - why is it called Competition 16072?
When I first did it, I assumed that it was the 16,072nd appearance of the crossword - but the next wasn't Competition 16,073. It has remained 16072.
Anyone see any logic in this or am I being thick?


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Don't know the answer, but I know the paper has gone up to £1.50p
I've often wondered that. The number never changes but it does with the Big Monday Crossword, which is obviously set by the same person/company. Very odd, and never come across it before with any other crossword.
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Not just me then
Still the cheapest Sunday paper and dailys, although with the Monday/Friday Daily Express is 5p dearer in Northern Ireland. now that is strange.
The crosswords are good ( I might be biased because I've won £1,000 in the Monday crossword!), but the newspapers are dreadful: hastily cobbled together by a skeleton staff, it seems. They seem to be making more of an effort with their front pages since it was taken over by the Mirror Group - previously every day the headline would be about the weather or a new 'cure' for Alzheimer's or diabetes.
I agree with Goodgoalie, I am now off to post my Big Monday & Crusader.
Hope you all have a nice Monday.
No hurry, clare - no post collections till tomorrow.....
Yes indeed, but its a nice day and a good excuse for me to take a walk out, am going to the sorting office.
Saturday's Crusader states that the latest post date is today the 7th, where I live the last collection on a Saturday is 7am in the morning, I'm only collecting my paper at that time ~ no collection Sunday and no collection as you say until tomorrow.
I think the numbering used to be when they had numbers for the phone in comps in the magazines on Sat and Sun many years ago. They used to have similar numbers but now that these are text competitions these numbers don't appear

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Competition 16072 Sunday Express General Knowledge (£1,000) Crossword

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