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arjay | 07:29 Tue 17th Apr 2018 | Crosswords
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I have been a reader of the Sunday Times for 60 years and of the Brighton Argus for 5 years but the main reason was to enjoy the mental challenge of doing the cryptic crosswords.
However, I no longer do the puzzles in these papers because the answers are immediately available on "" and after 12 noon on a site called "Big Dave's Crossword Blog" gives answers to the Daily Telegraph Cryptic.
I contacted The Argus but did not get any help other than to be told not to use Wordplays! There is liitle point in that advice in my opinion. The only option is not to do the crossword.
Fortunately there is a non-cryptic puzzle called "Quick Crossword" in the Argus which can sometimes prove a mind teaser.
The Daily Telegraph and Radio Times puzzles are unaffected and I can still enjoy them. When I need help with these, I ask for assistance from other cruciverbalists on Answerbank and am always grateful for the prompt and helpful advice given.
This is not a request for help but just an expression of an opinion. Thank you.


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I really don't understand why you can't still enjoy doing the crosswords. Why does having the answers, somewhere online, stop you completing them?
I really don't understand this either. If you don't want to be given the answers, don't look at the sites!

Big Dave's is a bit of a half-way house as the answers are hidden and you see them only if you choose to do so after reading a steer in the right direction.

It also covers, mainly, the Telegraph cryptic which you say you can still enjoy. So - I am definitely confused...!
Question Author
Even this morning's Daily Telegraph Crossword has the answers published in
For example, 1A. A useless editor's shunned (7) ???????
By going to Wordplays in Google and entering the clue then pressing "enter" on your keyboard theanswer immediately comes up as "Avoided"
By the same procedure with 5A. Concerned with child's explanations (7)
the answer comes up as as "reasons"
Why do you say. ' The only option is not to do the crossword.', Arjay?
I regularly use Times crossword books with all the answers in the back.I hate having to look for the answer in the back and when I am forced to do so then I must find the parse.
I could of course use what I think to be your reasoning and just fill in the squares but there would be no point.
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I know of two people who can quickly answer the Daily Telegraph and other puzzles without help but they are the sort of people who are members of Mensa, but with an IQ of 132, I don't qualify for Mensa membership.
I once visited a competition in London as a spectator and watched experts complete The Times in 45 minutes without help.
Nope - I still don't understand... You come here and ask for help (as we all do from time to time) but seem to object to other sources where answers can be found.

You don't have to look at any of them!
Arjay, are you implying that all is not as is seems to be in 'Crosswords'?
Question Author
Tilly 2. I am definitely not implying that all is not as it seems in 'crosswords'
I am very grateful to you for your help in the past and hope that you will continue to help me,on request, with the Radio Times crosswords
arjay, why have you decided not to do the Telegraph crosswords?I don't understand.
I do all the mags mentioned on deany's site but I prefer to do them on my own. so I don't look .
Sorry if I made the wrong inference, Arjay. I am still puzzled as to why you are denying yourself the pleasure of doing a crossword because there are answers somewhere.

Question Author
I am a pensioner aged 86. I need SOME help with crosswords, but I don't want to be spoon fed with 100% help. I hope that explains my position.
Question Author
Dannyk13. Thank you for your question.The answer is that I need SOME help
but I do not want to be spoon fed with 100% help
arjay, I hope you will continue with the Telegraph.I am a year younger than you I would like to still assist you with your questions.
//but I do not want to be spoon fed with 100% help// I understand that so avoid sites that give the full crossword solutions.
I really don't understand your problem, arjay. There are plenty of sites on the internet that give full answers: one (beginning with 'T') that gives the complete solutions to the MoS £1,500, Sunday Express £1,000 and Big Monday £1,000 crosswords, among others. The answers are in the form of completed grids, so must involve a fair amount of work, and what's in it for him I have no idea.

There's no reason to stop doing the crosswords you enjoy - just don't look at any of these or similar sites, and ask on AB for help with the odd clue that stumps you - you will always get fast, friendly help and explanations here.
So far as the Telegraph is concerned then, Arjay, Big Dave's Blog is the place for you. As I said before, you can read the hints first - which may just send you in the right direction - and decide whether or not to click on the answer. None of the answers are visible unless you choose to reveal them.

Don't deprive yourself of a simple pleasure!
I think, arjay, you will be missed if you stopped posting on here. Perhaps the best thing to do is to forget those sites exist, and just carry on as normal.
it's a bit like googling a sporting event and then complaining that they gave the result away

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