New Year Bumper Crossword

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Bedelia | 14:35 Wed 03rd Jan 2018 | Crosswords
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17a Some boxers greet Welsh wit thus. (13 starts w?l...) 95a Strange relation from the east (8 starts with or....). 11 & 12d Is that year they went teeing off (6 & 8). Stuck with a few but thanks for help to go again.


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95 oriental
17a Welterweights - anag 'greet Welsh wit'
95a Oriental - anag 'relation'
If 11 & 12d is (8,6) -

Eighteen twenty (year) - anag 'they went teeing'
Twenty Eighteen
(anagram they went teeing)
Oh dear! How have I missed that? Is it bedtime? ;-(
No l-i-k - you're just behind the times

(...and the telegraph, mail etc)
Best wishes for the New year 2018
Ta JJ & the same to you & yours :-)

I wrote the words down, saw "nineteen... no... eighteen - ooh, eighteen leaves twenty" & my head just didn't do the flip. Heigh-ho.
Question Author
Many thanks for answers - Happy New Year to you all
and to the organisation who provide this Answer Bank service. Best wishes from Bedelia/

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New Year Bumper Crossword

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