Rte Guide Christmas Crossword

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gixerboy | 21:46 Wed 13th Dec 2017 | Crosswords
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19D Off your trolly... (5) ?O?T? (potty ?)
45D Santa keeps his team in check... (5,2) R???S?N (reins in ?)
53A If fixed on the 25th, it may be granted (4) ???H (wish ?)
28D The country is home to every son and daughter of the soil (6) R?S?I? (Russia ?)
71A This is the part you'll hear that comes from drums (4) R?L? (role or roll ?)
Just can't parse these
Thank you for your help


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19 could be dotty
Question Author
19 could indeed be dotty if you look at my writing !
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28D Rustic (think that's a better answer, but still can't parse)
19 Potty

71 Roll
45 Reins in

53 Wish
28D.... Rustic?

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Rte Guide Christmas Crossword

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